Deluxe Lovely Baby Doll with Feeding and Pee Function, 12 Sounds, and Accessories for Kids, 3+ Ages

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Deluxe Lovely Baby Doll with Feeding and Pee  Function, 12 Sounds, and Accessories for Kids, 3+ Ages 

  • This amazing baby doll set comes complete with a 14-inch baby doll, pacifier, potty, feeding bowl with plastic knife, fork, and spoon set, removable shoes, and a drinking bottle. 
  • Made of eco-friendly, non-toxic, and tasteless materials, this doll is safe for children and provides a delightful feeding time experience as they accompany the baby's growth.
  • It's an enjoyable experience to feed this baby doll who loves to eat! Give her a few sips from her bottle between spoonful of food, and she'll drink too much water, leading her to pee.
  • This baby doll offers 12 realistic sounds, adding to the playtime fun and keeping your child engaged for many hours. When the baby doll lies down to sleep, her eyes will automatically close, and when she wakes up, her eyes will open.
  • This baby doll features movable arms, legs, and head, allowing her to sit up or lie down for more realistic play. She comes dressed in cute baby clothes that can be removed and washed when needed.
                              This baby doll set is a fantastic way to foster your child's imagination and provide hours of entertainment! Whether playing alone or with friends, your child can engage in imaginative scenarios, feeding, walking, and interacting with the doll. The baby doll can cry, laugh, drink, talk, and even urinate, adding to the realistic play experience. Additionally, this set helps develop essential skills such as hand-eye coordination, speech, creativity, and communication. Encouraging active play, this baby doll set offers endless fun and learning opportunities for children.