Bubbleezz Jumbo 56216 Bubbleez Kaylee Kittycake Figure, Polka-Dotted, Pink, One Size

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Squish your Bubbleezz! Each Bubbleezz Jumbo collectible character has hundreds of Bubbleezz beads inside. Feel them move around as you squish and squeeze!

Bubbleezz are giant collectible characters that have an incredible "squish and squeeze" feel to them no matter how many times you do it! Each Bubbleezz contains hundreds of Bubbleezz Beads, which can be seen moving all over the place as you squeeze and transform the Bubbleezz.

Bubbleezz Rainbow Poo has three secret Power Charms hidden inside, which bestow upon it the characteristics and abilities that make it one-of-a-kind and extra-special.

Whether you put them on display on your shelf or stow them away in your bag for squeezy fun on the go, Bubbleezz are sure to leave a big, bubbly impression no matter where you choose to show them off!

  • Contents: 1x Bubbleezz Jumbo fidget toy
  • Squish a bubbly world of wonder and fun
  • Bubbleezz Jumbo are giant collectible characters
  • Bubbleezz Beads move around inside as you squeeze
  • Squeeze to reveal 3 hidden power charms
  • Inspired by fruit, animals, desserts, monsters and more
  • Collect them all, one supplied