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  • Funny ball can fly via the infrared sensor of ball body above your hand, colorful LED Disco light ball with double wings looks so cute. It play indoor and outdoor.  
  • There is no battery request you just charge it by USB(comes with USB charger), it is use of ABS plastic, non-toxic safe material. The ball body is like crystal when we turn it on the Disco LED light are bright so beautiful.
  • Easy to control: this is a hand sensor induction suspended flying toy. It is 360 degree rotation when the flying ball fly up your should put your hand underneath the flying ball to control the flying. Your hand would make certain interaction with this flying ball. Great fun and well make.
  • One set include:1 flying ball with 2 propellers, 1 USB charger, re-charge by plugging into any USB port. charge time: about 30 minutes. flying time: 8-10 minutes
  • There are induction launcher and induction receiver at the bottom of the ball. When the kids turn on the switch, it will automatically begin to fly in 2-3 seconds. The flying ball can sense the object downward or nearby and it will move away intelligently. The toy will fall at some height but the induction function make it easy to go up when the kid put their hands underneath. When the toy hit things, it will shut down automatically to avoid damage.