PRINCESSA 4 Pcs Pedicure and 3 Pcs Nail Care Set Tools, 2 Pcs Toe Spreader, Nail Brush Sponge, And Nail Clipper Set for Women and Men Home Travel

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A basic pedicure and Nail care kit put together for when you’re unable to attend the salon. 7 Piece pedicure set consisting of 7 essential nail and foot care tools for quick maintenance or pampering of your feet at home.

  • Make sure your feet are looking fine & healthy with this pedicure kit. From removing dead or hard skin, to maintaining neat nails, this foot pedicure kit consists of the basic filing, brushing, clipping and scrubbing tools for regular feet treatment and healthy appearance skin at home.
  • Each tool within this pedicure kit is designed for special functioning with comfort. Small and lightweight but features skin friendly textured surfaces, easy hold structures and safe sharp edges so you can comfortably work with precision while preventing injuries.
  • This pedicure set is designed so you can make sure your feet looking perfect while on the go or away from home.