Schaaf Chisel Set with Canvas Case Full Size Gouges 4 Pc. Set

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Schaaf Wood Carving Tools Professionally Hand Sharpened 4-Piece Detail Chisel Set

  • Razor Sharp - These tools are professionally hand sharpened so they are truly ready to carve with out of the box
  • Learn to Sharpen - Professionally sharpened profiles give beginners a template for sharpening their gouges
  • Schaaf Tools Promise - Know that you'll have an American-based small business behind every purchase. We always provide excellent customer communication, lifetime gouge replacements, and an active wood carving community.
  • High Quality - Each tool is made from alloy chromium vanadium steel and hardened to Rockwell C60 so blades will hold an edge for a long time and won't dull quickly with repeated use; Hardwood ash, European style octagonal handles prevent tools from rolling off your work space.
  • Learning Material - eBook included with helpful info about how to sharpen and care for your tools, along with other carving tips and techniques. We also have beginner projects and tutorials on our YouTube channel.
  • Fishtail Profiles - Maneuverable in tight spaces for your finer detailing work. Find out why fishtail gouges are the favorite of many wood carver

                   Beginners will be able to jump in and start carving immediately with this set. Each tool in this 4pc Fishtail Chisel Set has been professionally hand sharpened by Belcher Carving Supply. If you have no sharpening experience, it will be valuable to have a sharpening "template" to follow. Will hold a razor sharp edge for as long as more expensive brands, like Pfeil. We wanted to offer a premium set of woodcarving tools to our customers who would like their tools professionally ground and honed before purchase. 4pc Detail Fishtail Set: Schaaf Tools Set of 4 Fishtail Wood Carving tools for Detail Work fits into areas no other gouges will fit. These delicate-looking gouges allow you to carve details like no other tool. Their unique shape also makes them surprisingly versatile. Unlike most gouges, which feature a short round or square section close to the handle (called the shaft) before assuming the sweep of the gouge, fishtail gouges have a longer shaft that only flares out to the sweep and size of the gouge near the end. This shape allows you to fit into tight areas, and with practice, allows you to carve a variety of curves and shapes with just the corner of the gouge.