Pipe Blaster - high-pressure air plunger, clear clogged kitchen, bathroom and toilet drains and pipes

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Pipe Blaster High Pressure Air Plunger, Removes The Toughest Of Blockages With Up To 30 PSI Of Pressure, Faster, More Effective, Clears Soap Scum, Trapped Hair, Toilet Paper & More, Manually Operated So You Set The Desired Pressure Level, Protects Waste Pipes From Pressure Damage, Hygienic, Easy To Use, Ergonomic Design, Includes 3 Adaptors For Every Size Plug Hole, Large Toilet & ND Small Adaptors.  

Pipe Blaster is a manually powered pump using focused high air pressure to unclog any drain with its 3 custom nozzle fittings. The pump action is controlled by a trigger which controls the amount of air pressure released into the drain. This product uses 30 psi of air pressure to unplug any drain in your home in a matter of seconds. The product comes with 3 choices: the small adaptor, large adaptor, and specialty toilet adaptor ensuring use all over the house.   

  • 100% Plastic 
  • Clears blocked drains quickly and safely.
  • Faster and more effective than regular plungers.
  • Includes 3 adaptors for every size of plug hole-large, small, toilet adaptors.
  • Clears soap scum, trapped hair, toilet paper and more.
  • Hygienic, easy to use ergonomic design.