Colonial Candle of Cape Cod Coffee House Tri-layer 15oz Candles (1 x 40' Container) - Abandoned

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  • 2 Wick Candle   
  • 15 oz (425g) 
  • Information of bottom tag/sticker on base of candle jar. 
  • Label on Front of Jar
  • Black Metal Top - flush fit lid
  • Measures: Approx. 4 7/8" High  x 4" Diameter

This lot of Colonial Candle of Cape Cod "Coffee House" Tri-layer 15oz Candles was abandoned by the original customer.  Salvex is collecting bids for the sale of this lot to recover costs, demurrage costs and expenses of the seller. Items are in a 40' High Cube Containers, this container's seal was broken and was opened and inspected.  The goods are pallet loaded. We could only see the goods that were in the front of the container and could not fully verify the inventory.  The container was resealed with a new seal.  We are assuming that the inventories are accurate and match the Bill of Lading (BOL).