Hand Made Bridesmaid Blue Rhinestone Headband with Adjustable Strap. Style Guide Included.

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Blue Rhinestone Teardrop Shape Stones dance along side one another like elegant bridesmaids on your perfect wedding day. They align in perfect harmony. Teardrop in shape for tears of joy seeing their best friend get married. A touch of gold wraps around each stone just like the strongest bond of friend ship you treasure with each one. Last but not least, Something blue... beading along the top and bottom sets your fairy tail in motion. Style each brides maid hair differently with the style guide while they all have the same things in common their best friend and their headbands. They will make your group photos look so elegant and beautiful. Velvet backing has been hand crafted for comfort and non-slip grip. High grade elastic has with adjustable strap to fit any head shape is attached for optimum comfort and stretch ability. This headband has been hand designed with the highest quality materials, showing the love of fashion. Style guide comes with so you or your bridesmaids can choose the style that matches your desired hair style. Over 20 different fashionable styles. Our headbands are a perfect bridesmaid gift to wear in the wedding and after.