Bubble Cushion Wrap for Moving & Shipping 100 FT Large Bubbles 10 x 12" sheets

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KC Bubble Cushioning Wrap for Moving & Shipping, 100 FT Large 1.25" Bubbles,  Rectangular Packing Wrap, Heavy Duty Protection for Mailing & Packaging Boxes, Clear Bubble Square Supplies Perforated every 10" - Each sheet is 10" long x 12" wide / 100 feet total.  FREE Shipping!

  • LARGE BUBBLE CUSHIONING WRAP: Features large size bubbles; heavy-duty large 1.25" bubbles provide extra strength and protection for large bulky items; use large bubble cushioning to fill empty spaces in boxes and add instant padding for fragile items.
  • REUSABLE AND RECYCLABLE: High-quality bubble cushioning is durable enough to survive multiple moves, so you can use it over and over again; recyclable by store drop off.
  • EASY TO TEAR: Large bubble cushioning wrap is perforated every 10" to easily tear off the square; tear in desired length to customize sheets to wrap items for added protection.
  • 100 linear feet per order.
  • Each 12" wide sheet is perforated every 10" long.
  • 10" long x 12" wide. 
  • 120 Sheets Per 100ft order.
  • 1.25" Extra Large Bubbles
  • Also available in 7" perforated sheet lengths.



KC Republic Max Strength Large Bubble Cushioning Wrap packs a bigger 1.25" bubble for extra protection making it the perfect pick for wrapping up heavy or more bulky items like large vases, picture frames and glassware etc. No matter where you ship or move your items, this bubble cushioning wrap protects your valuables from damage. Large bubble cushioning is durable enough to withstand multiple uses and is designed to minimize air loss. Instantly pad items by wrapping, packing or filling up the box to eliminate voids and prevent your belongings from shifting when mailing, shipping and storing. The time has come to upsize your vintage glassware business, and you could not be more excited. With bubble square wrap as part of your moving supplies, you can rest easy knowing your treasures will not be damaged. The increased foot traffic is sure to be a boom to your profit. Thankfully business owners can now focus on their business and stay free of worrying about profit loses due to damage during shipping. Relocating all your delicate and cherished glassware can remain stress free with high quality bubble rolls to protect and shield them from harm.

Be sure to invest in large bubble square when purchasing your moving supplies. This will be your go to bubble wrap due to being heavy duty that can withstand heavy weight impact. This large square of bubble will make your moving experience much smoother as well as less stressful. No longer do you have to hold your breath when you see the moving truck bouncing around after hitting that huge hole in the middle of the road because now your most precious possessions will be wrapped in air that will shield them against vibrations and bumps. With this large-sized bubble cushioning, you can rest assured that tiny envelopes of air will cushion and absorb the shock of any turbulence that your treasures happen to encounter whether the journey is down the street or across the country. These bubble sheets secure your items in a cocoon of softness that allows you to relax and keep your mind on the important details of the big move. If you are searching for a little peace of mind when relocating those fragile items, bubble bundle square must be included in your moving supplies. With FREE shipping... what are you waiting for, purchase now will supplies last!