Push ‘N’ Pop Bubble Popper Fidget Toy, Stress Reducing Keychain, Pink/Orange Color, Pack of 1

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These are to relieve stress, help get over nervousness, and reduces anxiety. It is very good for children who are OCD and have Autism. These devices can be very therapeutic and have beneficial affects for various emotional conditions. The person pushes the bubble in and then in the backside they push them out which makes a popping noise like busting bubble wrap. Unlike bubble wrap these poppers can be reused over and over. These keyring style poppets are brilliant for when you are out and about. Attach to a school bag attach to a coat or maybe a pushchair/wheelchair they’re a perfect little fidget to have wherever you might need them.

  • This is a keychain, stress reducing device, and a fidget toy. It can be for children as well as adults.
  • Pop all the bubbles, flip it over and pop them again! These bright poppets are fun for everyone.
  • Being made from silicone makes them waterproof and easy to wipe clean as well as being drop proof, so the fun never has to stop!
  • Poppets are a great way for children to relax and calm down or self sooth. They are also brilliant toys for keeping fidgeting hands busy and a nice way to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • These tactile fidget toys also promote imagination and help with cognitive skills and fine motor skills. Lets not forget the satisfying pop noise they make too!