Sugar River Meat Snack Links Sticks Ends & Pieces 2 lbs (Hot Snack Stick)

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Sugar River Meat Snack Links Sticks Ends & Pieces 2 lbs. (Hot Snack Stick)

  • Snack Sticks are not vacuum sealed, and they are on the dry side and more thin like many products you may buy at a gas station.
  • Beef Sticks these are vacuum sealed, and they are thicker and meatier more like products you might buy at a meat market.
  • The process of preparing these in bulk does leave some grease in the bag. In cold months, the grease will congeal and solidify like cold bacon grease.
  • Cold, solid grease is NOT MOLD. It is simply grease that has turned solid from being cold. 



Beef and Pork Snack Stick Ends & Pieces made by Sugar River. The snacks are bite-sized for easy eating anywhere and anytime. They’re perfect for putting out at parties, taking on road trips, or even just as a quick snack around the house! Whether it’s a handy snack after a long day, the compliment to the big game, or a comforting treat when you’re on the road; this Sugar River snack will satisfy every craving. Until they’re gone at least, because you’ll be left craving more! Sugar River meat snacks are delicious and made from premium beef and pork seasoned with a unique blend of spices and smoked to perfection. This is a treat that's sure to please. They’re great as a snack or part of a camp meal with plenty to go around. Eat them right out of the bag, heat them up, or simmer them in BBQ sauce for a tasty treat. Not only demanding the respect of your taste buds, they're expecting it.