XPRIT Fat Tire Electric Bike Urban Ultra Stylish, Sustainable for Fast and Convenient City Rides - Sunset (500W Motor, 48V/16Ah Battery, 45kmh Top Speed, 72km Average Mileage)

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  • [Road-Ready Hydraulics] Modern pathways can be anything but smooth. That’s why our Hydraulic Lockout Suspensions are built to withstand every bump, crack, and rough patch in the road, so you get a smooth ride anytime, anyplace.
  • [Integrated Battery Design] Bigger battery power, no eye-sore required. Our innovative “invisible” battery design conveniently blends in with the exterior frame of your bike, powering you to go up to 43 miles on a single charge.
  • [Gentle Touch Brakes] Whether you’re slowing down or making a sudden halt, our easy touch Hydraulic Brakes have got your back. We use powerful brakes tested on wet and dry terrain to provide safe, reliable stops without the extra effort.
  • [Step-Through Frame] Mount or dismount without getting tripped up. Our fan-favorite step-through design gives you ample space to step between the framework of the bike, so you can get on with your commute fast.
  • [Extended Tire Support] Your commute is anything but average. Our extended 4” tires and massive 26” wheel give you the freedom to take on tough terrains, whether that’s a bumpy city street or a winding country road.
  • [Pain-Free Posture] Long rides don’t have to feel like the Tour de France. We use a Hi-Rise Handlebar to help you sit comfortably upright and fight post-ride backaches.